BA Fine Art student Catinca Malaimare on her internship at Tenderpixel Gallery, London


As past exhibitions at Tenderpixel resonated highly with my work, at the end of my second year, with my practice being more involved and expansive, I felt the urge to be more than a negligible quantity, and to reach to a team of individuals that have welcomed me and facilitated a new path into research-led curation.

Portrait (for a Screenplay) of Beth Harmon was in the last weeks when I first started working with Tenderpixel, an exhibition and ongoing project of expanding the character of Beth by Tamsin Clark & Sean Edwards. Sophie Mallett, whom I worked with at the Black Box Project Space, was also part of the exhibition.


Ahead of the summer show opening in late June, a group display curated by Brenda Guesnet with the intention of a seemingly contingent event, culminated with a purging ritual performed by Diana Policarpo.  All the relevant live documentation I took has been published on the site.


The current summer show by Berlin-based artist collective CONGLOMERATE, Station ID, doubled up as a stage-set for an upcoming production and live shooting with Christopher Kline, coupled with installing and documenting it, gained me a lot of insight I then used to sustain the running of a show that differentiates itself from past, more familiar shows.


Another part of the experience was being involved in different areas and stages of Tenderflix, the annual film and video competition at its 10th edition this year, culminating with a screening in mid-November.

All the input I had throughout the past months has been well supported and encouraged by Tenderpixel team.

'Conglomerate: Station ID' @ Tenderpixel, London 2017


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