Fine art study visit Amsterdam

Neither the  sleet, cold nor did the hostel with its penitentiary like feel..put the hardy BA fine art off its first international trip of the year to Amsterdam… The Stedelijk and its Russian Modernism show and the strange but mesmerising films of  Loretta Fahrenholz;  Foam Museum with its show of Sugimoto & Harley Weir ;The EYE and its incredible Bela Tarr show  in the iconic Dutch Film institute. Next was the independent spaces such as Annet Gelink Gallery  and Gallery Fons Walters with there collective project ‘Where do we go from here?’ Then to Haarlem De Hallen Contemporary museum with its show of Richard Tuttle ; Frans Hals museum ; Tylers Museum. We finished off with a trip round Rotterdam’s Witte de With Contemporary Art Museum with their series of projects ranging from Laure Provoust to the taxonomy of war and terror by Eric Baudelaire. We even managed a few glasses of Heineken and Karaoke in between when we stopped for a breath. Fab!

#painting #drawing #fineArt #farnham #UCA #amsterdam #Photography #installation #space #performance #FOAM #EYE #BélaTARR 20170207_095643



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