Stage 1 London Galleries Study Visit Tuesday 24 January

Despite a frustrating start to the day because of trains problems, most of the group managed to make it to Waterloo where we then ventured firstly, into the West End to see Mai-Thu Perret’s intriguing ‘Zone’ solo show at Simon Lee, and then on to the two spaces of Stephen Friedman on Old Burlington Street to see the raw and powerful work of Huma Bhabha. Space one, had some of her monolithic cork and polystyrene figures, which students were captivated by, and the other, some large scale drawings and collages on photographs, suggesting figures in landscapes, recalling for me, the performances/photographs of Ana Mendieta.

We had a brief visit at Marian Goodman for Baldessari and the group show upstairs of Penone, Messager and Orozco, to name a few, before a short lunch break in Golden square.

We then visited what turned out to be one of the group’s favourite shows of the day at Sadie Coles, the group exhibition ‘Room’. Female artists exploring the role of domestic space hit the spot for lots of students in the cohort, many of whom are interested in ideas of space and architecture within their own burgeoning practices.

Then east to Parasol Unit to see the young American artist, Tschabalala Self, whose diverse practice explores Black female identity, through wonderful colour, texture and material in print, painting, collage and applique, which greatly excited students. Pointing out that Self was only 6 years older than many of their peer group, further motivated them.

Finally heading for White Cube Bermondsey to see the monumental Anselem Kiefer show, ‘Walhalla’, which left the group overwhelmed and awestruck!

Everyone went home exhausted, but full and excited!


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