Alumni George Charman at Gerald Moore Gallery 

Terra Incognita: work in progress show @ Gerald Moore Gallery May 20 – June 25
Preview: Friday 20 May, 4-7pm 
Gerald Moore Gallery is pleased to present Terra Incognita, a new body of site-responsive works-in-progress by current artist in residence George Charman. Presenting developmental research investigating connections between philosophical aesthetic enquiry and kinesthetic leaning, this exhibition forms part of an on-going study into objects/materials with embodied potential as ‘tools’ for engagement – socially, conceptually, critically and spatially.


As in previous works by Charman, the screen is employed as a physical/illusionary device that enfolds the viewer in the space of the artwork encouraging a collaboration of the sensory realms towards a preconscious experience outside the sphere of focused vision.


A confluence of planes formed from cast concrete, aluminum chains and works on paper, project out into the gallery along axes defined by the isometric grid. Isometric (meaning equal measure) is a type of axonometric projection where linear axes appear equally foreshortened suggesting a dynamic interrelation and equality of space and form unaffected by perspectival proximity. Isometric projection centers the viewer at all points without focusing on any one predominant convergence. Instead, an unfocused yet fundamental peripheral vision suggests multiple non-determinate points of interaction and enquiry.


Through the intersection of horizontal and vertical planes of varying material and opacity, Charman delineates the grid into a series of recesses and subdivisions that draws the senses and the body towards intimate encounters between planes. Dwelling spaces open up, activated by the body, and suggest a perception and physical engagement with objects, not as they are, but as we are in relation to them.
Gerald Moore Gallery: Mottingham Lane, London SE9 4RW 



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