Felicity Hammond Show Room, apartment 1 opens in Black Box!

Felicity Hammond artist and Royal College of Art graduate is presenting a new project us in Black Box the project space run entirely by students in the centre of the Farnham Campus. The show continues until March 3rd and is open to the public.

Felicity Hammond Website

Press release


Felicity Hammond


Show Room, Apartment 01,

February 19th– March 3rd 2016

Monday – Saturday, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm

Closing March 3rd


Show Room, Apartment 01 is an installation work, where the Black Box has been transformed into a sales suite for luxury housing. The ‘pop up’ nature of this space is akin to that of the shipping containers found within the urban landscape, objects whose original function is now obsolete. Using the rendered architectural proposition as an access point, the sales suite points at the potential ruination of the urban landscape, where blue tinged remnants of the material language of regeneration fill the space. By the nature of their incompleteness, their careless unconstrained proportions and warped pixels, these images point to the planned obsolescence which is inherent within the capitalist narrative. The buildings to which these visions point are not made to last, and this is affirmed in the production method of the images that imagine them. The future for these buildings, has been cancelled.



Felicity Hammond; Recent exhibitions include – Photo London, Somerset House (work presented by The Photographer’s Gallery) London 2016 *forthcoming; British Journal of Photography IPA, TJ Boulting, London 2016; UK/RAINE: Emerging Artists from the UK and Ukraine, Saatchi Gallery, London 2015;Right Here, Right Now, Lowry Museum, Manchester 2015; Unseen, South Kiosk Gallery (2015, forthcoming); Catlin Art Prize, Londonewcastle project space, London 2015; London Art Fair, South Kiosk Gallery, 2015; Contemporary Visions V, Beers Contemporary, London 2014; Les Recontres Internationales de la Photo de Fes, Morocco, 2014; Saatchi New Sensations, Victoria house, London 2014; Restore to Factory Settings, Vulpes Vulpes, London 2014;RCA Secret, Dyson Gallery, Roysl College of Art, London, 2014



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