Alumni Lizy Bending at Whitechapel Gallery in Eves and Liliths

BA(hons) Alumni Lizy Bending will be taking part in the Whitechapel Galleries exhibition coinciding with International Women’s day.

Lizy is one of 18 artists presenting new work for the show.

Eves and Liliths Espacio-Gallery-FT-Listing-March-16-pic1

Info below –

Eves & Liliths: An Exploration of Women’s Identity
Espacio Gallery
01 March – 06 March

Eves & Liliths opens in the week surrounding the International Women’s Day as a platform to examine the portrayal, treatment and identity of women throughout history, with emphasis on today’s society. It aims to celebrate and promote insight.
The exhibition showcases works inspired by the views of British and international artists, in a range of categories, including painting, mixed media, traditional and digital drawing, photography, print, sculpture, video, installation and performance art.
… But why the title ‘Eves and Liliths’?

Certainly the term ‘Lilith’ is not popular. Its origins lie in Babylonian demonology. In some sources she is conceived as the original woman created even before Eve. The legend says that she was a rebel who did not want to be submissive to Adam and soon abandoned him. After that, God decided to create Eve and then Lilith became a symbol of the dark side of women. Most recently she has come to represent the feminist and the freedom of the ‘modern woman’.

Carmem Aleman, Lizy Bending, Ana Cvejic, Liz Derbyshire, Kevin Derbyshire, Gaëlle Garbani, Jonathan Graham, Liz Kent, Les Lismore, Lawrence Mathias, Noonie Minogue, Women in Motion, Mark Nelson, Elspeth Penfold, Fabiana Righi, Beryl Robinson, Marie-Lois Rodriguez, Daniela White.

Eves & Liliths programme includes Ma∞Donna, an evening of performances featuring nine international performance art artists, which will be staged on 5 March 7.30-10.00pm.

Lizy Bending, Limor Collins, Jonathan Graham, Marcia Mar, Lawrence Mathias, Ana Manalonovic, Sabine Kussmaul & Mark Sheeky, Jones Tensini.

159 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG

Private View

3 March 2016

6 -9 pm


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