Year 3 Bruno Carvalho at Gallery – VIA IDEA in Lisbon

Bruno Writes :

Exhibition : ‘(a)Symmetry – Drawing & Performance

The Gallery is called Via Idea, located in Vila Nogueira de Azeitao (30min from Lisbon). The Private View was on the 19th of December and it’s on until the 10th of January 2016.

The Live Performance took place at 18 o’clock when the gallery was starting to get busy for the event. I changed my outfit and started my Performance with no announcements, only asked the Curator to press play for the background music of the DJ Kriptic Minds mixtape. As soon as I started I could feel the silence and see shadows of myself on the paper as people were taking photos.

The Performance lasted 25min, no break. I finished by taking a bow, and left the gallery to a changing room. When I came back, people looked at me with a very different look, and a local artist made a short poem as I was performing,



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