UCA Farnham Fine Art Exhibition – FUTURITY

This final post documenting Futurity returns to the electric blue light that fills the James Hockey Gallery to look at the 2nd half of the student work there.

Diana Burch BA (Hons) Fine Art Year 3

Max Leach BA (Hons) Fine Art Year 3

Max’s comments about the exhibition;

To sum my work up this film is an enquiry into reality and society through fragmented sequences to create a mosaic montage. There is a modernist or structural film formalism to comment on the condition of the future and the now  to explore consumerism, spectatorship and the abject performance of the everyday. 

The work follows a stylistic manifesto to give the work a textured and tactile surface, influenced by a lot of the structural films in the 1970’s. I would say they had some influence on the artwork I have been engaged with recently, such as Douglas Gordon’s films and his link to Bruce Nauman’s early work.

This is my 3rd time exhibiting artwork in the James Hockey Gallery and it’s a great opportunity to take work from the studio and publicly exhibit in such a huge space. For the exhibitions in Fine Art we are a creative community and everyone works together whether your work is selected this time around or not. These opportunities and this process has helped me improve my curatorial skills and a have a chance to get feedback from following students, tutors and visitors.

Cathryn Quail BA (Hons) Fine Art Year 3

Bridie Mason  BA (Hons) Fine Art Year 3

Julia Keenan BA (Hons) Fine Art Year 3

Rups Cregreen Foundation Diploma Fine Art

Gloria Alderson – Nemeth BA (Hons) Fine Art Year 3

Gloria’s comments about her work in the exhibition:

Oh Sugar: Pure, White and Evil is a set which contains the remnants of an act of absurdity that once took place, exploring and highlighting the irrationality and self destructive behaviours of our ever-consuming society.  Sugar has been chosen as the material to represent our desire to constantly consume products that are appealing yet destructive, with its connotations with the pure, white and evil. It is also an inquiry into the great volumes of sugar that flows through our bodies.

Influences include James Ostrer, Janine Antoni, Orlan, Andy Warhol and Matthew de Karsaint Giraudeau.

It responds to the theme of “Futurity” by creating a post-apocalyptic insight into our ever-consuming society.

It has been very challenging and slightly uncomfortable to present an installation as opposed to the performative work that I normally create, as I have found it difficult to understand how I feel about the piece as a resolved work. However it has been insightful to see what I would normally disregard as “the rubbish left over from the work” as a publicly displayed finalised work. 

Laura Rowe BA (Hons) Fine Art Year 1

Laura’s comments about her work in the exhibition:

My work is exploring themes of repetition and order. With the use of readymade, easily obtainable everyday objects.

There are many different sources that have influence my work, chief of which is the postmodern concept of the readymade as well as theorists like Rosalind Krauss and “the Grid”.
There is futuristic elements to my work with the metallic nature of the material, and the repetitive, dense structure, which I find resembles vast tower blocks or even a futurist material for building. 

By exhibiting my work in the gallery it has allowed me to experiment with scale, and really consider the longevity of the hanging methods I use. Prior to the exhibition I had not really considered the hanging of the work, or the finish, instead focusing on the making and experimenting. The installation and placement on the wall became crucial and had to be carefully considered, tested and discussed. The fact it was a group show meant that the curation was important and it was a useful in site into how such events take place, hi lighting the necessity for communication with other artists exhibiting in the space.

Vanisha Patel BA (Hons) Fine Art Year 3


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