UCA Farnham Fine Art Student Success – Lizy Bending, Anna Garrett, Louise Scillitoe-Brown, Flo Yapp

UCA Farnham Fine Art students, Lizy Bending, Anna Garrett, Louise Scillitoe-Brown & Flo Yapp who graduated in 2014 all have work in the group exhibition Pretty in Pink that opens on 27th February at Bath Artists Studios Project Space.

Lizy Bending 

This exhibition marks Lizy’s 14th since graduation last summer and coincides with a project at Lubimirov Eastern that opens on the same night. Lizy is also currently Artist in Residence at Orchre Print Studios.


Anna Garrett

Anna has work from her Louis Vuitton series and this exhibition is Anna’s 7th since graduating 8 months ago.


Flo Yapp

Flo is currently in postgraduate eduction and this marks her 4th exhibition project since graduated, that includes curating for APG Gallery, Sheffield and at the prestigious Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol.


Louise Scillitoe-Brown

Inclusion in Pretty in Pink marks Louise’s 6th exhibition since graduating from UCA Farnham Fine Art last summer.



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