Material Process Exhibition in the Linear Gallery

Selected work from across each year of the UCA Farnham BA (Hons) Fine Art course opened this week in the exhibition Material Process. The exhibition is part of an ongoing series of exhibitions that takes place every two weeks in the Linear Gallery project space at Farnham.  The Linear Gallery project space gives students the opportunity to curate connections between their work and other’s and gage reactions from across the campus before externalising their practice. 

In Material Process, currently exhibited students explore materiality and process to produce work that encompasses expanded practices relating to drawing, performance, moving image, painting and sculpture.  A range of issues are explored by students from desire and repulsion, anxiety, phenomenology, reappraising the everyday via repetition and scale as well as surface.

Gloria Alderson-Nemeth – Recursive Licking

Bruno Casanova – St(r)ipulation


James Johns

Laura Rowe

Amy Janes

James Fish


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