UCA Farnham Fine Art in CONSUME in the Elaine Thomas Gallery

UCA Farnham Fine Art students Max Leach, Pippa Ward and Gloria Alderson-Nemeth had work curated into the current exhibition “CONSUME” in the Elaine Thomas Gallery. 

Work spanning artist video, sculpture and installation will be open to the public until 5th January 2015.

Gloria Anderson-Nemeth

It’s All Shit At The End Of The Day 

The geometric precision fails to contain its slime, proving the contaminating matter to have no boundaries. These paintings using food explore the affective tension between desire and disgust and the perpetual visceral sexual body.

Max Leach

Chit Chat

With reference to structural film, this work responds to encounters that exploit contingency and social codes, which are present within given scenarios and are encountered within the everyday. Abjection is explored via a repetitive and banal action with the mouth.

Pippa Ward


The sphere contains between seven to ten thousands bags. It has taken three solid weeks of collecting bags and industrial plastic from three local supermarkets.  The material has been gathered from their ‘recycling’ bins.

The work began its life out of a concern for the amount of plastics in our seas. It now seems to be more about consumerism, waste and confusion over recycling.  It is also about our dependence on plastic.


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