Gustav Metzger – Facing Extinction, Serpentine Gallery & UCA Farnham Fine Art Students

An ongoing project started in 2012 between UCA Farnham Fine Art and the artist Gustav Metzger, continues this weekend with a collaboration between the Serpentine Gallery, London and UCA Farnham Fine Art students.

Gustav Metzger, James Hockey Gallery UCA Farnham. 2014

Gustav Metzger was a visiting artist at UCA Farnham in 2012 and then worked closely with the fine art team to initiate the Facing Extinction project. 

Metzger’s participatory work, “Mass Media: Today & Tomorrow” was exhibited in the James Hockey Gallery in Farnham earlier this year. Metzger came again to speak to UCA Farnham Fine Art students about the importance of Walter Benjamin’s work and talk about the importance of art with an agenda of cultural critique and political change.

Gustav Metzger. Mass Media: Today & Tomorrow. 2014. UCA Farnham

Following the exhibition UCA Farnham Fine Art lecturer, Andrea Gregson worked closely with curator Rose Lejeune and Gustav to convene and curate the Facing Extinction Conference at UCA Farnham.

This week “Mass Media: Today & Tomorrow” returns to UCA to take a digital form as Fine Art students from Farnham will engage with the artwork for that will be then streamed live to the Serpentine Gallery as part of the 2 day Facing Extinction Marathon event.


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