UCA Farnham Fine Art Stage 1 2014 – 2 Day Induction Project


Over the last week year 1 students have been inducted into the BA (Hons) Fine Art course at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. 

They have embarked on a project that introduced them to the excellent workshop spaces, met and worked with the dedicated technicians, and worked together in the studio. 

Exhibition Installation Shot – UCA Farnham Fine Art  Year 1 Induction 2014

Inugural Lecture

Srin Surti gave this years inaugural lecture and seminar to explore ideas around responding to Site, Space and Place. Below is a selection of some of the content.

Richard Sides & Steve Bishop

Phyllida Barlow

Isa Genzken

Gabriel Orozco 

Guy Ben Nur

Lorenzo Vitturi

Studio Site Project

Students then worked to explore the questions around the institutional space of the artists studio. They produced speculative work, to test ideas and materials within 2 hours and then presented for group review.

Two examples of the work developed within 2 hours.

At the end of day 1

Public Site Project

Students then visited and explored the potential and the problems of making work within an urban, public space. 

Below is just some of the excellent work produced.



A selection of the work produced for the project by year 1 students in their 1st week, is currently exhibited in the Linear Gallery at UCA Farnham and in the studio project spaces from now and throughout October. This marks the first of many exhibition opportunities for the 1st year students.


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