UCA Farnham Fine Art Student Success – Isaac Willis

UCA Farnham Fine Art student Issac Willis, who graduated this June has curated a group exhibition at Transition Gallery, London entitled “Language Fails’. The group of artists met in Vienna whilst Isaac was on taking part in the UCA Farnham erasmus exchange programme for semester 2 of year 2 at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Transition Gallery

Language Fails

Laura Hinrichsmeyer / Anna Rettl / Anna Schachinger / Issac Willis

23 August – 14 September 2014
Preview: Friday 22 August, 6-9pm
Gallery Open: Fri-Sun 12-6pm

Language Fails examines painting’s intrinsic qualities where written language falls short. Offering up different modes of production, Language Fails explores the way we see images in the advent of screen technology, and how painting fits into this world.

Isaac Willis uses painting as a method of research and enquiry directly into the relationship paint has to on-screen technologies. His paintings stand as part visualized research and part painterly paintings, reflecting this new age of image culture that is dominated by screen technology.



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