UCA Farnham Fine Art Student Success – Julia Keenan, Laura Olohan, Denise Walsh & Lizy Bending

Three UCA Farnham Fine Art students who have just successfully completed their 2nd Year, have been selected to collaborate with the Roche Court Educational Trust based at the New Art Centre and Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth.

Julia Keenan, Denise Walsh and Laura Olohan will collaborate within a group of 19 undergraduates from other universities in the South studying creative subjects. The ‘Someone and Something’ project is an opportunity to explore contemporary art practice supported by research workshop development days at the New Art Centre and Aspex Gallery. 

The outcomes from the project will be exhibited in a month long show at Aspex Gallery in September. The show opens on 3rd September until 5th October.

Julia speaks about being selected for this opportunity

It has been a great experience and something to keep the creative flow going throughout the long summer break. At the New Artist Centre we were shown around the fantastic grounds littered with important works by Richard Long, Rachel Whitread etc, and a collaboration between Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon in the gallery space adjacent to the main house. The grounds of this beautiful stately home have been turned into a public space where these huge fantastic works are displayed – all are for sale I think! 

We came together as a group and discussed what does the project title ‘Someone and Something’ might  mean to us as an idea relevant to the research days. The brief for the work was completely open- which was liberating – they wanted us to use the project as a framework which we could further develop our practices within – but the outcome was completely up to us. Fantastic! 

It was a good networking opportunity too – we met students from Southampton, Bournemouth and Winchester. 

The second day at the gallery space Aspex in Portsmouth we were given a small talk from the artist who had a show up until quite recently – she made beautiful small intimate paintings exploring the idea of isolation.  We then ‘isolated’ our selves and made some drawings in response to this idea. Another good day – all of the days were supported by Jonathan Parsons who is the artist adviser for this project.

The final day was in the form of small group crits with Jonathan at Aspex Gallery where we discussed our ideas and where the work was at. I have loved having this running through the summer. We are to deliver the final outcomes by the end of the month and they will be curated by the gallery and presented in the space. Cant Wait to see it!! 

You will have to come to the celebration evening on the 12th September if you are free!

2014 Graduating UCA Farnham Fine Art student, Lizy Bending is also participating in the project.



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