UCA Farnham Fine Art Student Profile 2014 – Inderveer Sodhi

What are the main themes you have explored in your work and why are they important to you?

I have looked into traditional Indian art and created scenes of modern day Britain and Slough. The aim of my work is to reflect day to day life as a British Asian and the multi cultural Britain of today. The influences behind my ideas and work are my experiences of growing up with a blend of two cultures, the western and eastern. I am portraying scenes of Slough, family gatherings and media. In terms of the tradition of Indian painting I have adapted the flat tone, bold colours and perspective.

I based the presentation of my work on 18th century wall paintings from northern India and created a collaged the works together.Though the traditional arts formed the basic inspiration behind my work I looked at many other artists mainly The Singh Twins, Mf Hussein and Amrita Sher Gill.  The artists that I looked at created work with blends of the tradition and contemporary by using the traditional perspective and layout with some western influences dealing with contemporary issues. The artists mentioned also challenged the western ideas of what contemporary art is, what is acceptable and other stereotypes such as no forms and figures, hidden meanings, depth, western subjects etc. Rather than turning away from artistic traditions for the sake of westernisation and to fit in they merged the traditional into their work. For this reason many of the artists I looked at dealt with issues such as identity and compatibility of traditions in today’s worlds etc.


What do you think is the most significant thing that has helped you during your time a UCA Farnham?


The most significant thing I have learnt or developed during my time at Farnham is a unique artistic style and identity. Though I questioned and struggled to find my own style, it was through my experiments with my work, reflecting and research during the first two years the led me to establish my own style which I developed during the third year. As my work is personal, questioning myself and my identity as a British Asian also contributed towards me developing my own style. Without questioning myself artistically and personally and through experimentation I would have not found my own style that appeals and reflects me best.

What are you planning next?

As I have now discovered my own style I am going to continue creating more work and developing my style and ideas further.


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