Lucy Clout visiting UCA Farnham Fine Art – Thursday 30th January

Visiting artist Lucy Clout will be visiting UCA Farnham this Thursday to talk about her practice and also support students with individual tutorials.

“Lucy Clout’s work investigates types of speech which are not primarily used as communication but as background, comfort and context. She describes these acts as ‘minor speech’, they are everywhere around us but have been understood historically as intrinsically expendable.

Using a forensic lip reader, cheap animation and soap stars past and present, she has examined how the contemporary technological vernacular has created a strange, unruly afterlife for yesterday’s disposable cultural products and for our own minor speech.
Lucy Clout’s previous work has investigated the experience of viewing performance, interrogating the communicative aspects of the physical and social relationships between the audience and the art-object/performer. She has exhibited in commercial and non-commercial spaces in the UK and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include International Project Space, Birmingham and Limoncello, London”



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