The Artist’s Sketchbook

Some artist’s sketchbooks grow to have monumental status such as those of Leonardo Da Vinci or Marcel Duchamp and the recent publication of Derek Jarman’s sketchbooks. Some artists such as Francis Bacon claimed not to use them as part of their process (but secretly did). What is intriguing about the sketchbook is that is offers an insight into the artist’s process and thoughts. The form the sketchbook takes, as a way of collating information and processing ideas is multifarious.
At UCA Farnham all students are expected to develop research practice, whatever the form it takes; from a digital blog, to a place for taking notes, documenting process or trialling ideas and materials, to drawing.
Here are some of the pages from year 3 students studying Fine Art and Arts & Media at UCA Farnham.

at UCA Farnham.

Anna Milo

Miranda Harrison

Jasmine Rogers

Heidi Mellish

Freya Morter

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