Matthew Benington at UCA today!

Artist Matthew Bennington visited UCA Farnham today to present his work that encompasses print, film and curatorial practices. He also provided support to year 1 students with the development of their project work.

“For me art has to be about art. I’m fully aware that not all artists are like me – I respect that, and I definitely don’t think my taste in art is superior. I’m cool with art that’s about other concepts, but for some reason, I never manage to relate to art that is about a foreign subject such as the ‘Vietnam War’, ‘the artist’s childhood’ or ‘the artist’s broken heart’, as much as art that is about a more broad subject like visual perception, life, death, or art itself. For me, I want everything a work of art has to say to be obtainable from the artwork itself – I don’t like it when I have to know the back story to appreciate the artwork.

That said, there are artworks that have a strong narration behind them – which I find interesting before I know the narration, and if there is a narration, I can’t resist not getting to know it.” 


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